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About Us

EHC Sport was created to optimise and change the way athletes train, perform, and recover through applying a combination of nature and science. Using rare botanical extracts and cutting-edge nutraceutical technology to achieve breakthroughs in athletic optimisation. As the most innovative sports brand in the wellness industry, we go above and beyond for our athletes, utilising cutting-edge research to improve mental and physical performance.


Dec 2020 Launch of the business

Director Graham Jevon had a brilliant idea to apply his study of Martial Arts training and travels throughout South America studying herbs and applying that knowledge to performance enhancing and sports recovery products after noticing a huge market gap between natural botanicals and the sports performance and recovery industry. The research begins, and Graham begins to implement the entire product line based on what top athletes around the world would like to see as a complete sports package.

Feb 2021 Product Development
Product Development for improving and optimising athletic performance

Product development for a dedicated brand for improving and optimising athletic performance and recovery begins. Graham Networks Europe, compiling a database of Martial Artists and coaches who are looking to improve their performance and recovery methods for themselves as well as their athletes and gym members.

April 2021 Approval all of our products and merchandise
Coach Owen Roddy

EHC Sport receives an initial investment in order to develop our entire line of innovative sports products. The products are then tested and distributed to our Irish MMA friends and colleagues, where Conor Mcgregor's coach Owen Roddy approves all of our products and merchandise for full market retail.

July 2021 The EHC Sport brand begins to gain traction
Attracting the attention

After distributing our entire product line to over 100 international superstar athletes and rising stars of the Irish MMA scene. The EHC Sport brand begins to gain traction and explodes in popularity, attracting the attention of the sport's biggest stars. From Muay Thai's biggest names like Liam Harrison to MMA's legendary coaches like Conor Mcgregor's Coach Owen Roddy. EHC Sport is quickly becoming known for its innovation and high-quality products, as well as our concern for athletes' health and well-being. The anticipation is growing, and the excitement is palpable.

August 2021 Testing the waters in Ireland
Soft brand launch

EHC Sport officially launches with a soft brand launch in Ireland to test the waters. Without any marketing or promotion, we had a successful soft launch in Northern Ireland and Dublin, and we are confident that our turnover will be sufficient to fund and produce our official launch in 2022.

November 2021 Testing the waters in Ireland
Stocked in 5 large gyms

Without any marketing or significant promotion, EHC Sport is now stocked in 5 large gyms in Northern Ireland. All items are stocked based on word-of-mouth requests.

January 2022 Conor Hegarty joins the EHC Sport team
EHC Sport now has a team

EHC Sport now has a team large enough to handle the massive increase in brand awareness and sales from our northern Ireland partners. Our new sales manager joins the EHC Sport team, and the company's growth accelerates.

May 2022 Now available to retail
Independent sports retail stores

EHC Sport is now available! Our partners and we have agreed to stock the entire Northern Ireland sports community.

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