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EHC Sport was created to optimise and change the way athletes train, perform, and recover through applying a combination of nature and science. Using rare botanical extracts and cutting-edge nutraceutical technology to achieve breakthroughs in athletic optimisation. As the most innovative sports brand in the wellness industry, we go above and beyond for our athletes, utilising cutting-edge research to improve mental and physical performance.

Biological Optimisation

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Owen Roddy – Conor Mcgregor’s coach

“What’s up? I recently received the bags. I really like them, as well as the design. Also, I’m really enjoying all of the products you sent, and I’m putting them to good use! The shilajit and CBD oil are incredible. I’ve used that muscle and joint to help with a chronic neck problem I’ve had, and it’s worked wonders. Are these products currently available? At SBG, everyone is inquiring. Is it okay if I put them on my Instagram story?
I’m happy for you because you’re accomplishing great things.”

Owen Roddy – Conor Mcgregor’s coach

Max Lally – Irish MMA Athlete

“Delighted to be part of EHC Sport team. Thanks for sorting me out with these savage products! The CBD is definitely making my fight camp go smoother and the creams are helping prevent those little knocks along the way. I’m loving it all, Cheers EHC Sport 👍“

Max Lally – Irish MMA Athlete

Jack Massey

“Excellent products and service. The shilajit and CBD are definitely improving my camp and assisting me in going the extra mile. The Burn Fuel Renewal is incredible, and the pre-workout energy it provides is incredible. I’m looking forward to seeing where EHC Sport goes in a few years. Thanks to EHC Sport, the merchandise is also fantastic.”

Jack Massey

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